The New Windows 10 Start Menu

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Windows 10 Start Menu

Here’s a picture of the new Start Menu introduced on Windows 10

By comparing windows 10 start menu to Windows 7 we see that it become enriched with content and we organized, and make access easier.

You can open the Start Menu by clicking “Windows” Sample on the keyboard, or by click on start button at the bottom left using the mouse.


There are a lot of options to explore

At the top left, there is your username and your picture next to it.

By clicking on username by right mouse button you will see multiple options:

1- Change account setting

2- Lock: If you need to leave your desk for a while, and you don’t want any intruder to open you PC, use this option, when you come back it will ask for your password so you can enter again.

3- Sign out: If multiple users use this PC, at the end of your work day you can sign out so other users can sign in.


Below there is Most Used section. When you open program multiple times, windows automatically categorize it as most used program and for ease of access it puts it on start menu

As you can see, most programs I use are media player, notepad, Microsoft Word, etc.

On the bottom there are four options:

File Explorer: Through it you can open your hard drive and explore files and folders inside it.

Setting: Through it you can set your desired options of how Windows will run, we will explain in the next tutorial.

Power Options: Choose between sleep, restart and shutdown

 All Apps button: This explore all applications installed on your computer

In the middle, there is a red box containing multiple sections that can be customized like date, time, weather, news, games, emails, and music.

To pin an application to the Start menu as a tile (blue boxes), find the application in the Start menu, right-click on it, then click Pin to Start, or drag it and drop it into the tile area of the Start menu. To unpin a tile from the Start menu, right-click on the tile and click Unpin from Start.

In this example, I am going to move bitspirit app to tile menu


by clicking on app by left mouse button then move it between boxes.


Finally, you will see it pinned to tile area


Also, you can resize these blue boxes size to small, medium, wide, by hovering over icon and use right mouse button