Microsoft MTA Certification

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) offers an introductory certificate in the field of information technology to qualified individuals. The qualification comes from Microsoft and covers several key introductory and essential concepts related to information technology.

For those considering a career in information technology, MTA is an important and trusted name in information technology and validates important skills.

There are multiple MTA certification tracks, and the track taken depends on the individual. Individuals are able to choose which certification track they would like based on their own preferences and future goals.

Generally speaking, MTA certification covers core knowledge and concepts in relation to information technology and increases one’s technical credibility. Through MTA certification, an individual can take the steps they need to prove they as an IT professional.

MTA Tracks

The three tracks available for MTA certification include: IT Infrastructure, database, and developer tracks. These individualized tracks focus on the specific core knowledge necessary to succeed in the designated fields.

MTA Exams

Microsoft defines the MTA IT infrastructure track as intended for those who wish to have a career in desktop or server infrastructure or cloud computing. It offers optional training in the fields of: Windows server administration fundamentals (course 365), networking fundamentals (course 366), and security fundamentals (course 367).

In order to receive certification in the MTA IT Infrastructure track, individuals must pass exams related to courses 365, 366, and 367, as well as exams in mobility and device fundamentals (exam 368) as well as cloud fundamentals (cloud 369).

MTA Exam Cost:

Each exam can be registered online through Microsoft’s website for the price of $127 an exam. The exams are offered in twelve different languages.

Microsoft writes that the database track is intended for those who wish to “build a career in data platform administration or business intelligence.” In order to receive certification in this MTA track, an individual must take and pass exam 364. Microsoft offers an optional training course (course 364) for those who wish to prepare for the exam.

The course and exam cover database fundamentals. Exam 364 is offered through Microsoft for $127 and is also offered in twelve languages. The test is designed to evaluate five different areas of IT database.

The final track is the MTA developer track, and Microsoft intends this track to be for those who desire to be software developers.

MTA Certification Optional Exams

There are three optional courses listed for this MTA track, including course 361 (Software Development Fundamentals), course 375 (HTML5 App Development Fundamentals), and course 379 (Software Testing Fundamentals). Each course has a corresponding exam (exams 261, 375, and 379). All exams are $127.