Msvcr71.dll file is part of the Microsoft Visual Studio.Net that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It is described in the Microsoft C Runtime Library and used by most applications for the game or application to run efficiently. There are certain types of errors messages you are likely to experience when the Msvcr71.dll is missing from your system.

Some include;

  • “The file Msvcr71.dll is not found”
  • “Cannot find Msvcr71.dll”
  • “This application failed to start because Msvcr71.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Msvcr71.dll is missing”
  • “Cannot start this application. A required component is missing: Msvcr71.dll. Please install the application again.”

There are several versions of Msvcr71.dll file for Computers using the 32-bit Windows operating system. Some of the versions include 32-bit 7.10.3052.4, 32-bit 7.10.6014.4, 32-bit 7.10.6030.0 and 7.10.2179.0.

What are the courses of Msvcr71.dll errors?

It can occur in a situation where two programs were sharing the same dll file and one program was deleted. The other may fail to run efficiently since it lacks the Msvcr71.dll file that was erased while uninstalling or deleting the first program. The error message can also appear on your screen when launching a PC game or random application. It can be an issue with the Windows registry, corrupted files or hardware-related problem.

How can I fix the Msvcr71.dll errors?

  • Reinstall the problematic software

You may be prompted by the Msvcr71.dll error messages to reinstall the program. Reinstalling will be useful in fixing the problem because it might have been corrupted by a malicious program after the first installation.

  • Run a comprehensive malware / virus scan

The Msvcr71.dll error may be associated with a malware infection in your computer. Performing a full scan will be useful in detecting any underlying issues and can help resolve the problems related to Msvcr71.dll files.

  • Check the Recycle Bin

There are chances that the Msvcr71.dll was deleted unexpectedly and moved to the trash bin. Navigate through the Recycle bin and restore the missing file to its appropriate destination. When launching any program, it will scan all folders to determine the presence of the Msvcr71.dll file. If not available it will fail to run as expected and thus the file should be restored.

  • A system restore

Performing a system restore will revert all changes to the system that were done recently. Your computer will go back to a previous point in time after the System Restore.

  • Download the missing Dll file

You can also download the Msvcr71.dll zip file from a trusted source before installing in your computer. It may also act as another resort when all other steps have failed or the file is missing completely.