The msvcp140.dll is a package of files of the Visual C++ Redistributable for the Visual Studio 2015. It is common for most individuals to receive the error message that requires you to reinstall the program to fix the problem. It is important to understand what makes up the msvcp140.dll and how it operates in the computer systems. It is responsible for the run-time components which are necessary in running the C++ applications that are built using the Visual Studio 2015.

In most situations, the msvcp140.dll error message appears when launching WordPress, online games and other random apps indicating on the screen that the msvcp140.dll files are missing.

When msvcp140.dll is missing from your computer, the system cannot run the corresponding application. It occurs severally when trying to run the new version of Skype, ( The primary reason as to why that happened is because new requirements were added by Skype for Windows.

Therefore, the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package was needed to find the required libraries of the DLL. In situations where the system lacks the installation of Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, there is no communication between the msvcp140.dll library and Skype or other related apps.

Another resultant cause may be malware infection or even corrupted system files. Most professionals perceive the msvcp140.dll error as a variant of “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll is missing” and “vcruntime140.dll”.

How can I fix the msvcp140.dll error?

The primary solution to this problem would be to install Reimage and initiate a comprehensive system scan since the resultant cause of may be damaged or corrupted system files. It is useful in optimizing the computer by fixing the system’s file libraries, registries and also alleviate the potential malware. Some of the steps of fixing the “msvcp140.dll is missing error” when the recommended software doesn’t help include;

  • Reinstalling the corrupted software

If the error message appears when launching a random application, you should reinstall that particular app before you launch for the second time.

  • Run the sfc/scannow command

Begin by right clicking the windows key and choose the Command Prompt. Type sfc/scannow and then run the command. This function is useful in replacing the corrupted msvcp140.dll file if it wasn’t availed by Microsoft.

  • Separate installation of the msvcp140.dll file

The msvcp140.dll can also be installed separately and then saved in the same location of the corrupted Software.

  • Check the recycle bin

You can restore the msvcp140.dll file if you had removed it accidentally. In case it is available in the recycle bin, right-click and select restore.