It is also referred to as the “Microsoft C Runtime Library”. Vcruntime140.dll is a package of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 RC program that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation. There are several games or applications that require this DLL file to run efficiently. In situations where the computer system lacks the package, it will always display an error message every time you want to launch online games or any other random application.

It comes in several versions that run on both 32 bit and 64 bit. Some of the Bits and versions of vcruntime140.dll file include 64bit 14.0.23918.0, 32bit 14.0.23918.0, 64bit 14.0.2415.1, 32bit 14.0.24215.1, 64bit 14.0.22816.0 and 32bit 14.0.22816.0. All these versions are a description of the Microsoft C Runtime Library.

Examples of the vcruntime140.dll error messages

The error message may show up on your screen prompting you to fix the problem for the launched application to work properly. They include;

  • “Vcruntime140.dll is missing”
  • “Vcruntime140.dll was not found”
  • “dll could not be located”
  • “dll Error loading”
  • “Cannot register dll”

Causes of the vcruntime140.dll error message

The primary reason as to why the vcruntime140.dll error message occurred is because the original file was damaged or corrupted. There are circumstances where the DLL file was placed in a wrong folder or it was overwritten by an older version of the vcruntime140.dll. Old drivers and fault registry entries or settings can also be a resultant cause of the missing file.

How can I fix the vcruntime140.dll error message?

You will need to retrieve an installation disc of the latest vcruntime140.dll version. If you lack the CD or DVD for installation, it is recommended to download the package from a trusted website. The procedures for installation are;

  • Download the zip and save in a named folder
  • Open the downloaded zip and navigate to the 32-bit map if your computer is running on the 32 bit. If it is a 64-bit computer, you will go to the 64-bit map.
  • If you are operating on the 64-bit system, you will copy the file to C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • Afterwards, you will locate the 32-bit map and copy the file in the C:\Windows\System64 folder.
  • Once done, restart your computer to finish the installation process.

You can also uninstall and install the problematic software since other files may have been corrupted with new programs.

A reputable brand of the DLL-file should provide a fix matching the setup of your computer system in essence delivering a custom error fix for your system.