$1000 Worth

Internet Marketing Scholarship
Development, programming and machine learning is no surgery to be done in dark. It requires deep learning and hands-on training. Taking cues from the growing web culture and the subsequent need of better skills, Tutorialology has introduced a wide variety of HTML, CSS, Java, Programming, OS and other miscellaneous courses to inculcate and hone computer skills in the current crop.

We, at Tutorialology, take immense pride in raising a competitive generation through its courses. And, in the similar light, it has introduced an yearly scholarship program, worth $1000, for acknowledging the budding talents out from the pool of people and give them an opportunity to see the light of the day.

The requirements of Tutorialology Scholarship Program are discussed below:

1. Write an essay, around 600-1000 words long, on any Internet Marketing topic of your intrigue.

The submission must be relevant, rich and rationally put. You should tell us what has been your inspiration in choosing the subject. We’re accepting only one submission from a person.

2. Mail your submissions at [email protected] with all your important personal details that include your name, email address and your contact number. You should also send a proof that you’re studying in university/college/school you’ve mentioned.

3. By sending your submissions, you give us the exclusive right to publish your essay on our website or publication.

4. The planned date for the start of the activity is November 25, 2019. We’ll be accepting your submissions from this day till April 30, 2020. The winner’s name will be announced on June 5, 2020.

5. We’ll reward the winner with $1000 for his upcoming educational expenses.

If you’re keen on taking up this challenge, participate and exhibit your abilities the world. This is your golden chance. For any queries, you can email us at [email protected].

Best of luck, participants. Put your best foot forward and bank this achievement for better future.