Xlive.dll is a part of Microsoft Games for Windows Live, a program that was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is described in the dll file known as Games for Windows-LIVE DLL. Most games or software programs may fail to run effectively when the Xlive.dll is missing. It mostly happens during the launch and if the program does not detect any folder containing the Xlive.dll file in your system, it pops up an error message. It is necessary to solve this problem for the program to run effectively.

Some of the examples in which the error messages will appear include;

  • “The file Xlive.dll is missing”
  • “Cannot find Xlive.dll”
  • “This application failed to start because Xlive.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Xlive.dll not found”

What causes the Xlive.dll errors?

The primary cause of the Xlive.dll errors is as a result of corruption or removal of the Xlive.dll file in the system. It could also indicate a virus / malware issue, registry problem or failure related to the hardware.

The Xlive.dll can also be caused when two programs are sharing a similar dll file. In situations where one program is deleted, the other program may fail to work properly and will require the Xlive.dll file for it to run efficiently.

How can I fix the Xlive.dll error?

  • Reinstalling the problematic software

If the Xlive.dll error occurred when launching a particular program, you need to reinstall the application. It helps to refresh or replace the missing Xlive.dll file in the registry.

  • Download Games for Windows Live

This download from Microsoft contains the Xlive.dll file and will be useful in replacing the missing package.

  • Check your Recycle Bin

The Xlive.dll file might have been removed from the right folder or deleted unexpectedly since the program cannot locate it from your system. Navigate through the Recycle Bin and click restore to replace the file in its rightful folder.

  • Use System Restore

You can restore your computer to a point in time using the System Restore. You can undo the recent changes to the system if you suspect the error was as a result of changing an essential configuration or file.

  • Updating the drivers

You can fix the error by updating your video card drivers. It is useful when you were launching a 3D video game.

  • Install Windows updates

Installing the latest Windows updates will incorporate many service packs and patches that replace several Dll files distributed by Microsoft.

  • Clean Installation of Windows

It is one of the remedies that removes all potential threats from your system including viruses. It provides a clean copy of Windows with all the necessary program files that are capable of fixing the problem.