It is a part of the Bink and Smacker program that was developed by the RAD Game Tools, Inc. It is described in the RAD Video Tools and can affect running of various video games or applications. It is important to determine the various causes that lead to these errors as it helps in troubleshooting to fix the problem. The real file is binkw32.dlland not blinkw32.dll and hence you should avoid confusions when checking the references.

It comes in several versions for the computers running on the 32-bit Windows operating system. Some of the versions have the RAD Video Tools description while others are situated on the Bink Video.This error is applicable to various versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista and XP.

What causes thebinkw32.dll error messages?

Most games utilize the Bink Video Codec and thus the binkw32.dllfile too. The error messages are likely to pop up on your screen if the binkw32.dl file is missing from the folders supporting the PC video game.It can also be caused by Windows registry, malware or virus or deleting the file accidentally.

How can I fix the binkw32.dll error?

  • Downloading the RAD Video Tools

You can download the RAD Video Tools from the official or trusted website and install to replace the corrupted or missing binkw32.dllfile.

  • Reinstall the game

The video codec is included during your game installation and reinstalling the game can be useful in replacing the corrupted or damaged binkw32.dllfile. This will refresh all the necessary files needed for the game to run effectively.

  • Game updates

You can also download the latest game updates by visiting the game designer’s website. Install the latest patch, service pack or any other update for the particular game.

  • Copying the binkw32.dll to the game’s root directory

This involves transferring the binkw32.dllfile present in the System directory of the game to its root directory. In most cases, the binkw32.dllis situated in the wrong directory during installation of the game.

  • Updating the video card drivers

It is necessary for your video card drivers to be updated with the latest releases. Although it is not a significant cause, it can be useful in fixing minor errors that make it difficult for the game to launch efficiently. You can also determine the minimum video requirements for the PC video game by visiting the website of the game designer.