Learn Windows 10

Windows 10 Tutorial

Technology has been dynamic over the past years which have led to a major improvement in software and other computer programs. The versions of Microsoft Windows have been updated regularly over the centuries to provide a better experience to its users. It began from Windows 1.0 which was introduced in 1985.

Several changes have been made to the versions till the recent upgrade to Windows 10. It is a significant step to the phase of personal computing. The introduction of Windows 10 has offered more opportunities for interacting with advanced technology. The software applies to a variety of devices such as tablets, smartphones, PCs, Surface Hub and Xbox one.

Windows 10 Editions

Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise

The Mobile Enterprise edition of the software applies to a variety of organizations and provides maximum security to potential risks. Windows 10 mobile enterprise offers exciting features and applies to tablets and smartphones.

 It has features such as management capabilities, safety, and productivity of the organizations. It has innovative features and the latest security protocols that allow business operators to manage the updates. All these features have improved the business experience of using mobile devices with a newer version of the previous software.

Windows 10 Education

The introduction of this edition has been useful in meeting the needs of learning institutions. The Academic Volume Licensing has made the software accessible. Other upgrades will be initiated that enables students to upgrade from other editions of the software. Some options would be made available to allow students upgrade to Windows 10 Education if they had the Home or Pro versions of the software.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro Edition is applicable for the PCs and tablets. It has undergone a different upgrade with exciting features compared to the Windows 7 and 8 versions. It allows users to manage their devices and applications efficiently. It also has the security features which offers protection to business data and makes use of cloud technology. The Windows 10 Pro is the best option for organizations and is useful in reducing management costs and provides faster updates to security updates.

Windows 10 Home

It allows users to perform different tasks and is associated with the consumer based desktop edition. It is available for both PCs and tablets and comes with exciting features. It has features such as Windows Hello face recognition, fingerprint login, Microsoft Edge Web browser and Cortana, the personal digital assistant. It is also available for Xbox gaming experience and allows gamers to play from any Windows 10 computer.

Windows 10 Mobile

It has been designed for the consumers and comes with updated universal apps. It applies to smartphones and tablets with several features. It allows for security and management capabilities and enables new devices to operate with Continuum for Phone. This feature allows an individual to use their phone when connected to a wider screen, delivering a new experience.


The introduction of Windows 10 has been of much importance as it suits the needs of people in the modern generation. Many people have advanced from the previous versions of Microsoft Windows because of the exciting features in the newer versions. The introduction of Windows 10 has brought a new era of advanced technology and experience.