Task View in Windows 10

Task View is a new feature in Windows 10 that allows you to create new desktop screens. Each one contains different opened apps, windows.

Task view allows you to expand your workspace. If you are working on a project and need multiple screens, windows 10 offer you Task view to enhance your work and productivity.

This system offers efficiency and organization while working in multiple applications at same time, so no need to minimize and maximize screens, all applications will stay in its place with the same state. You will just navigate through them.

How to Open Task View?

You can open Task view option by going to the bottom of the desktop screen, you will find the icon on the taskbar.


At first, before creating any new desktop, the screen will look like this:


Right now you have only the main desktop screen, and running applications are clear on it, like word windows store, and setting.

 Now if we need to add a new Virtual Desktop, we will choose “New Desktop” button at the right bottom of the screen.

After clicking on “New Desktop” button, you will see a screen like this:


Now we have 2 Desktops; Desktop1 and Desktop2. You can navigate easily between them by clicking on task view button, then choose the desired desktop, or through keyboard shortcut “Windows Symbol + Tab

Now we will have a small test to make sure that each Desktop has its own active applications. I will open notepad application on Desktop1 and write “desktop1” inside it, and on the other Desktop2 I will open calculator, and note the difference between both desktops, check for active applications on the taskbar.

When I open task view and hover on Desktop 1 I will see:


When I open task view and hover on Desktop 2 I will see:


Like that, I can expand or separate my work through different screens on the same PC.

Despite Task View appearance is tough, Microsoft still work on Windows 10. So for sure Microsoft will release more updates for Task view Option, and new features will be added with time.