Does WhatsApp save my messages on their servers?

Does WhatsApp save my messages on their servers?

No, WhatsApp does not save any of your chat messages history on their servers, for that reason it is impossible for you to restore the deleted messages. However, WhatsApp does have a backup feature, where you can use your iCloud, google drive or your mobile phone backup system.

You can program for this backup to occur every day at a certain time and you WhatsApp information, including your WhatsApp chat messages history will be saved in a file on your phone or as a file, so when you decide to change to another phone or reinstall WhatsApp, your chat messages history and all media is safe.

To make a backup of your Whatsapp account and all your chat messages, just follow the next steps:

1. Go to the WhatsApp application and open it by tapping on it


2. Once you have opened WhatsApp app, you will see some menu tabs at the bottom, go to “settings” tab that it is located at the bottom right of the app, and tap on it


3. Once you are on the settings window, you will see multiple commands option, go to the “ Chats ” button and tap on it


4. Once you enter on the “ Chats ” option, the window for all the chat’s option will appear, go to the “ Chat Backup ” option, which is the third option you will see and tap on it

chat backup

5. Once you have tapped on the “ Chat Backup ” option, you will enter to the “ Chat Backup ” window for you to set up this feature, if you want to make a Back Up right now, you can do it, just go to the “ Back Up Now ” which is the first option you will see in blue letters and tap on it, WhatsApp will start backing up all your account information.

back up now

6. To configure the period of time when WhatsApp should do the Auto Backup of your WhatsApp chat messages, go to the “ Auto Backup ” option located under the “ Back Up Now ” button and tap on it

auto backup

7. Once you have tapped on the “ Auto Backup ” button, a window for you to choose and select how often would you like for WhatsApp to back up all your account chat messages by tapping on it