How to View All likes on my twitter account

How to View All likes on my twitter account? 

When you are searching through all your twitter newsfeed, it is very likely that you will see a tweet that you will like and you want to indicate that you like that. This “like” button is shaped like a heart and located at the bottom of each tweet. We like lots of things and we indicate it constantly, so if we ever want to go back to those things, we can do it. There is a section on the twitter’s account that reunites all of the tweets that we indicated we like, together in one place. 

To view all your twitter likes on the website, just follow the next steps: 

1- Go to the twitter webpage

2- Once you enter to the twitter account go to the log in


3- The log in window will appear, type you phone email or username and the account password and the click on “Log in” 


4- Once you log in, go to your profile by doing click on your profile picture square located at top right corner, next to the “tweet” button 


5- Once you click on the profile and settings option, a drop down list with multiple options will appear and click on the “Vie profile” option. 


6- Once you enter to your profile page, you will see a row of tabs at the top middle of your profile, just below your header photo; go to the likes tab, which is the one at the far right, click on that tab to view all your likes. 


7- Once you enter to the likes tab, you will see all the tweets you have liked, scroll through your list of likes, you will see the most recent one at the top and you can scroll all the way down to see all the tweets you have liked, even the ones that you indicated you liked when you first started using twitter.