How to use twitter?


You can use Twitter with your mobile app or online via

When you enter to the twitter on the web, you will see the news information screen, which is located at the home section; it is basically the news section. Here you can see all of your follower’s latest tweets and in this section twitter will also show you some suggestions for you to follow based on your followers and your search history.


If there is something you like just click on the heart under the tweet to indicate you like it, but if you want to reply on it, go to the arrow at the bottom left corner of the tweet and click on it.


On the notifications section, you will see all your interactions of who liked your twits, commented on your twits, accounts that started to follow you and mentions that others have made of you.


On the messages window you will see all the messages, when a user of twitter send you a private message you will see it here


And on the Profile section you will see your profile; here you can find your number of followers, the number of people who you follow, your lists, all your tweets, photos, videos and your likes.


On the profile you can see a biography section more known as bio, on this section you can introduce yourself or your brand. The Bio is the first thing you look for when you search for a person or company page to follow, and it is what is going to take into account when they are deciding if they want to follow you or not.


If you want to modify your bio go to the “Profile” section and then click on edit profile, once you are there, click on the “Add a Bio to your profile” section, and start writing about you and if you wish you can add a link to your website.

On the search bar, type the name or username of the twitter account you want to follow, see his tweets, send him a tweet or send the direct message to and then click on the account name and the profile window of that person will appear.