How to Turn Off Retweets from a Twitter User

How to Turn Off Retweets from a Twitter User?

If you do not like what a certain twitter account share, and you do not want to see anything that he retweets, you can just turn off the retweet option for that specific user.

To turn off the retweet option from a twitter user on the website, just follow the next steps:

1- Go to the twitter webpage

2- Once you enter to the twitter account go to the log in


3- The log in window will appear, type you phone email or username and the account password and the click on “Log in” 


4- Go to the search bar located at the top right next to your profile picture and type the name of the person you would like to turn off the retweets, to go to the profile page of that person’s account.


5- Click the gear icon located next to the follow button on the right on that person’s profile page, next to the following button. 


6- When you click the gear icon a drop down list with multiple options will appear, go to the “turn off retweets” option and click on it


7- A message confirming that the retweets from that twitter’s account will no longer show in your timeline will show up.