How to Sign up for twitter?

If you want to create an account in twitter on your PC, just follow the next steps:

1- Go to the next link:

2- They will ask you for your full name, phone number or email address and a password, fill all the fields.


3- click Sign up


4- If you choose to enter your email, an email with a confirmation link will be sent to you


5- If you registered your phone number, an SMS with a code will be send to the phone number that you indicate. Enter the verification code and click “Verify”.


6- Type your email address to associate it with your account, type it if you want and then click “Next” or skip, to go to the next step if want to associate your email address later.


7- Select your username, that’s how people will use to find you, mention you or send direct messages, type your own or choose one we’ve suggested, usernames can’t be longer than 15 characters, you can always change your username in your account settings as long as the new username is available.


8- Select the topics you are interested, just on the + next to the topic’s name or type it on the search box and click “continue”.


9- If you want to import your email contacts, to see what contacts use twitter and see who they follow, you can choose from Gmail and outlook or you can always skip this step by clicking on “No, thanks”


10- To import your contacts, click on the circle next to Gmail or Outlook and then click on “Import contacts”


11- A window will appear asking you to log in on your email account.


12- After you log in on your account, you will see a window asking you for permission for twitter to access your email contacts, click on “allow”, and twitter will now import your contacts.


13- For the final step twitter will show some suggestions for you to follow, if you imported your email contacts, they will show you the ones that have a twitter account for you to follow.

If you didn’t import your contacts, they will show you some suggestions according to the topics you are interested in.

You can follow all the suggestions by clicking Follow and continue or unselect all by clicking the “select all” box and then click on “continue”.