How to Prevent Twitter Users from Tagging you in Photos

How to Prevent Twitter Users from Tagging you in Photos?

You control your experience in twitter, by managing your account settings and changing who can tag you in a photo, just visit your security and privacy settings tab on

1- Go to the twitter webpage

2- Once you enter to the twitter account go to the log in


3- The log in window will appear, type you phone email or username and the account password and the click on “Log in” 


4- Once you log in, go to your profile by doing click on your profile picture square located at top right corner, next to the “tweet” button


5- Once you click on the profile and settings option, a drop down list with multiple options will appear and click on the “Settings” option.


6- Once you enter to the settings section, you will see multiple options on the left, below your profile picture, go to the “security and privacy option” and click on it 


7- In the middle of the settings page, will appear all the security and privacy option, go to the privacy section


8- The first privacy option you see is the photo tagging section, here you can modify who can tag you in your photos, click on the option you prefer between, allowing anyone to tag you, only the people you follow to tag you or none can tag you.


9- When you are done and selected who can tag you in photos, go to the bottom of the privacy and settings page and click on “save changes”.


10- Once you click on save changes, a pop-up window will appear asking you to re-enter your password to confirm and save the account changes, enter the password and then click on “Save changes”


11- After you click on save changes, a message confirming that your account settings have been saved and changed will appear.