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Twitter is a popular social media network combined with a free and open messaging service, it communicates people in real time, it is the network where you can find out about what’s happening in the world right now. If you are looking for music, sports, politics, news, celebrities, or everyday moments in real-time news, you can go to twitter to see them and join in on what is happening now. While everyone experiences Twitter differently, here are a few areas that might interest you to help you get started.

In other words twitter is a way to communicate and connect through the exchange of quick and frequent messages. The people can post Tweets that can contain photos, videos, links and up to 140 characters of text. The messages that you write are posted on your profile, you can send them to your followers or they can be searched on Twitter search.

To get started you will need some of the twitter basics vocabulary so you can start using this social media like a pro.

  • Tweet: this is important since all begins with a tweet. When you join or start any conversation in the world by posting something on twitter that is called a Tweet.
  • Retweet: If you see something you like you can retweet it to share it on your profile so all followers can see it too.
  • Follow: If you like what you see or the things that others share you can make it a full-time thing by following those accounts so you don’t miss and can see all their tweets.
  • Search: If you are wondering what something is all about and want to know more you can search and see the conversation unfold live.
  • Hashtag: If you want to know what everyone is talking about, just click on a hashtag and find out.

To start using twitter you can do it on your PC, just open your browser and enter to www.twitter.com or you can also download the twitter app on your mobile.

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