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Snapchat is a popular social media and a mobile app for IPhone and android, it allows you to share moments with your friends, family and the rest of the world in a fast and fun way. You can do it by sharing images or short video clips called “snap”, this snaps will long for a short time unless you save it.

Snapchat works similarly to an instant messaging application allowing users or snapchatters as they are called, to add contacts and send them messages in the form of pictures or videos, just take or record the video, edit it by adding texts and/or draw on the image or video and send it to a limited contact list. In addition to that, users can touch their face on the screen and holding it down can apply different filters and special effects and then share it with all your friends that has added you or with the entire world, depending your account privacy.

The app also allows users to add the filters in motion, while the user makes an auto photo by just touching the screen.

These videos and photographs are known as "Snaps", if you send private snaps to an specific friend or friends you can control the time they are visible (from 1 to 10 seconds in duration), after which they disappear from the recipient's screen and are deleted from the Snapchat server.

Users can also keep their Snaps for 24 hours, in a public section (for all contacts added) called "Stories". If the snapchatters wish to keep their Snaps, they can save them in the “Memories" section, from where they can modify or send them again.

Your friends can also take a screenshot of the snap that you sent to them, but note that if a user takes a screenshot to another person's Snap, that other person will be notified of this action.

The application also has the option of video calls. Unlike other platforms, the way of activating the option is totally different, so instead of looking for a contact and calling him, here both users involved must be in a private chat.

Apart from the social media part, snapchat now added a new feature called the "Snapcash", which allows money to be sent through the application. This service is supported by Square in security issues.

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