Linksys Router login

Your router always allows connections with the internet and other home networks. The Linksys router uses the default 192.168.11 internet protocol address during login. There are several types of Linksys routers which work in a similar way to allow easier connection to the web and your home network.

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Setting up your home network while using advance routers will always require you to alter the settings of the router.

Procedure for logging into the Linksys router

  • Disconnect the power plug from the DSL modem, cable or your Linksys router
  • Connect your Linksys router to the computer using an Ethernet cable.
  • You can then connect another Ethernet cable the Ethernet port of your modem to the blue internet port located on the router.
  • You can then power up your modem by plugging the DSL modem and router. Be patient for at least thirty minutes to allow for the completion of startup process
  • After the process is complete, you can continue after all lights are blinking but constant.
  • You can then type in in the address bar of your router
  • You will be able to access your router’s administrative panel once you press enter or return key.
  • You will be required to provide a username and a password. The default login credentials are often ‘admin’ for both the username and passphrase. In situations where you changed the default password, you will be required to use the new passphrase.
  • Once in the built-n webpage of your router, you can modify the settings and any other actions provided by the software.


There are instances where you find difficulties accessing your router’s interphase. It may be that you have changed your default password and thus you will be required to use the new credentials. During log-in attempt, the password is usually case sensitive, and thus you should be careful not to type the password in upper case.

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Log in problems can also be caused by typing the wrong internet protocol address. It usually happens when a user confuses the last digits or letters. For example, your router ends with ‘0.1.1′ yet you type in ‘o.1.1′. The adjustment makes it difficult to gain access to the built-in web page because the IP Address is invalid. 


Is it necessary to change my default password?

Other users prefer to use their default passwords because they are easier to remember and readily available on the internet. However, it is important to change your password to avoid other people from accessing your router. You can be locked out in situations where your default password has been modified, or your current settings have been altered.

Own passwords enhance the security of using your router without any interference. You can store the new password in a safe place in case you forget it in future.


Linksys routers have been readily available over the recent years because of their high performance.

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It is always challenging while configuring these types of routers for the new users. However, the support team is always active in addressing the issues related to logging in the Linksys routers.