Arris Router Login

Most of the routers usually come with the factory default settings which necessitate the need for creating a secure password. Arris router comes with a web-based configuration homepage which allows you to perform a variety of settings besides setting up the wireless network.

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The virtual server is usually present on the web interphase that comes up with port forwarding regulations. It is necessary for most applications because of its efficiency of operations.

There are several types of Arris routers which are utilized by a variety of users. Most of the Arris modems or routers have encryption security standards such as WPA/WPA2-PSK.


Procedure for login

It is important to begin by ensuring you are connected to the internet. It can either be through Wi-Fi or connecting to a computer using Ethernet cable.

  • You can start by using any browser that is readily available. It can either be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and many others
  • Type in the link on the address bar of your web browser. The IP Address may be different depending on the version of Arris Router you are using.
  • A window will open that prompts you to enter your username and password. You will use the default credentials as ‘cusadmin’ and ‘password’ respectively.
  • Once you log in successfully to your router’s interphase, you can find a variety of information regarding your router. There are also other settings that you can change in the administration panel.

Factors to consider while entering your password

Most people often have problems when logging in to their Arris routers. The reason is that they are always in a hurry or type the password in capital letters.

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  • Passwords usually require one to eight characters and is case sensitive
  • The communication to the internet is not affected by altering the administrator password
  • They do not contain the special characters such as @, * or #. It
  • Once you change your password, they will be effective instantly. It means that you do not require to restart the gateway for the new password to be operational.



Some users may experience problems when connecting their Arris routers. Always check to ensure that the indicator light is on when connecting the Gateway by use of Ethernet cable. The light will be a signal that both devices are connected perfectly. The computer is always linked to the Gateway and retrieves the IP Address automatically according to the configurations. In case this does not happen, you will need to modify the settings to achieve the connection. 


A variety of people has used Arris routers because of their effectiveness in obtaining a secure internet connection. The modems and routers are always affordable and thus save on the entire cost. Arris routers and modems are known to provide excellent data speeds that are often required by most users during browsing.

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There are varieties of Arris routers which are designed to perform similar functions. They are considered to be popular because of their high performance in providing a stable internet connection.