– 192.168.l.2 Router Default IP IP address many people confuse it with 192.168.l.2 is an Internet protocol address that is often used by devices in private home networks. It is efficient and mostly utilized by different router manufacturers as a default address for the router. It is usually allocated manually and has proved to be useful to most users.

Sometimes you may find difficulties accessing the address which may result from problems with the network configuration. Most users usually confuse with 192.168.l.2 which gives problems during logging in. It is important to know that 192.168.l.2 is not the right internet protocol address to be used and therefore it requires concentration while typing in the address. Is categorized among the class C IP Addresses. Other internet protocol addresses that belong to this range include and which are also utilized frequently by routers. Can also be classified as an internet protocol address or a Gateway.

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Many users are always confused with these terms and are always curious to know how they differ. To know if it is a Gateway or IP Address, you will be required to locate the Command and type in ipconfig/all. This procedure will allow you to see if it is an address or Gateway.

Routers which use as a default IP address include, Senao ECB-1220R, Philips CAW7740N, Zyxel WAP3205, Davolink DV-201AM and many others.


How can I log in to IP Address?

To access your router’s interphase, you will type in to your browser’s address bar. You can also copy the link and paste it directly to avoid login errors. A window will open prompting you to type in your router’s username and password.  Always be keen while typing your password during the process. Most users would always complain that they have connection problems yet the passwords are incorrect.

Things to be done by IP Address

You will get full authorization once you log in to the user interphase. It will give you access to your router’s administrative panel which has many adjustable features. These operations can be changed or configured depending on the functions provided by your software. The settings which can be altered include DSL, LAN, IP QoS, WLAN configuration, DNS, MAC, ADSL, WPS block. Network management, security options, and proxy settings. All these are a variety of actions you can perform with the IP Address.

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What if I forgot my password?

There are several instances in which you may lack the password to use while logging into the user interphase. It can be that you have forgotten, you bought a second-hand router, or you lost the documentation. Resetting your router will allow you to start afresh. You can also check the internet the particular brand of your router or other related ones as they usually have the same username and passwords. 


It is always important to keep your passwords safe to avoid inconveniences while trying to access your administrative panel. IP Address is active in its operations and has been widely used by several router manufacturers. Always be careful while typing in the passwords and the address as is different from 192.168.l.2.

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