– Routerlogin IP 192.168 1.1

192.168 1.1 is a private IP Address router that belongs to the group C network address, the reservations devoted to router settings. This Address can be identified within the system that it currently operates in categorizing it as a private IP Address. 192.168 1.1 contains a variety of routers such as Thompson ADSL routers, Westell modems, Billion ADSL routers, 3Com routers and Linksys SRW2024.

The private IP Address fits perfectly in the IP range that is often reserved as a private range from IANA. Most manufacturers have IP Address on their routers and are efficient in executing their operations within the current network being administered. The administrator console is active in changing the Internet Protocol address at any time which is always set by the manufacturer.  192.168 1.1 Private IP

Address differs with the public IP Address as it can be utilized by multiple users in different networks. The reason is that the Public IP Address requires each computer to possess a unique IP Address.

The private Internet Protocol Address can be set with any local network device, though it is recommended to use one device at a time to prevent address conflicts. 192.168 .1.1 possesses exceptional attributes and can be changed easily via a router panel.

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The commonly used panels include Westell, Netgear, Linksys and a variety of broadband routers. It is impossible to find two machines having similar IP Address in a single network because each device needs to have a unique IP Address.


Logging in to IP Address

The procedure for logging in to your IP Address is simplified when you want to manage the wireless settings. The first step involves typing  on the browser’s address bar in case you want to connect to the router. After entering the IP Address, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Afterward, you can change the configurations and settings after access to your management panel.

 It will require you to modify the settings according to what is delivered by your wireless router software. You can also change the default IP Address together with username and password from Admin control panel. Changing your default setting when accessing the control panel will be efficient in providing a wireless networking security. It allows easier management of the internet in different places be it at home or in workplaces.


Most users always have difficulties while trying to find their network settings or accessing wireless router. There are few factors to be put into consideration to make this procedure a success. The first important thing to consider is retyping your router’s address. It is common for most web browsers to direct an individual to Google rather than the router.

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This action usually occurs when typing in your IP Address. As you type in the address for the second time, ensure you include the Http:// before the IP Address. The procedure should be a success and will direct you to your router. It is also important to check the kind of network connected with the router. Connecting to the wrong network may be the main reason why you cannot locate your IP Address on the router or computer.

It is important to ascertain that you are connected to the right network to ensure everything works perfectly. Also, check and be sure that your phone or computer has not joined with other networks unexpectedly.

Another option that can be used for troubleshooting involves connection by use of a cable. This procedure is necessary especially when you are using a Wi-Fi, as it acts as an alternative to solve the problems. You can also strengthen the connectivity by increasing the speed and extending the range using a wireless booster.

However, it is important to know that increasing the speed might offer a little challenge because slow internet connection may be resulting from a different kind of problem.

Forgotten username or password?

Most users always get stranded when they forget their username or password. The procedure for recovery is simple and involves holding down the reset button for some few seconds, then waiting for power, Internet lights and WLAN for it to activate.

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The process will terminate your connection to the internet since your internet settings will have been altered. is an active Internet protocol address that allows you connect to a variety of routers. Enhancing its efficiency can be done by ensuring you are correlated with the appropriate network and that the address typed during login is outlined precisely.