Taglib Directive

The taglib directive defines the library of tags that are being used in the contemporary JSP page. A JSP page can have a number of tag library. The commonly used functionalities that are provided by the useful JSP tags are defined in JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL). It defines the predefined tags that are used to manipulate the XML documents. It also contains the internationalization tags and other structures for the SQL operations.

The following is the syntax of taglib directive:


<% @ taglib uri = “uri” prefix = “prefixOfTag” >

In the above syntax, the prefix attribute is used to differentiate between custom tags and the other library custom tags. The custom tags should have prefixes. The URI in syntax is considered as a unique name for the tag library. The name of the prefix should be unique.


Using taglib directive:

The jstl. jar must be in the webapps directory, so that you can use the JSTL in the application. The jar file can be downloaded from the following link:


There are a number of JST libraries that makes web programming easier