How do I Use Hashtags on Instagram

How do I Use Hashtags on Instagram

You can use hashtags in the comments section of your post. If you add hashtags to a publication established as public, that publication will appear on the hashtags page related, otherwise if the account is set private the publication will not appear.

You will have to take into account that the hashtags supports any number, text, emoticons but they do not support special characters ( such as $,%,& among others ) nor spaces.

After you put a hashtag, you are categorizing the post, you can tap on the hashtag to go and view a page where it will appear all the photos and videos that has been uploaded using that same hashtag.

To add a hashtag to a photo from, just follow the next steps:

1. Type your username and password on the fields

Type your username

2. Once you filled the fields with your account information tap on the “Log In” button

Log In

3. Once you have opened your account, go to add media tab, you can find it in the middle at the bottom of the page with a + symbol, tap on it

middle at the bottom

4. Go to Library tab located at the bottom left corner and tap on it


5. All the photos store on your mobile device will appear, tap on the photo you would like to share with your friends

All the photos store

6. Once you have chosen the photo you want, tap on the “Next” option located at the upper right corner

upper right corner

7. Once you tap on the next button, you will be able to choose a filter, just tap on the filter tap, located at the bottom left corner and various filter options will appear


8. You can also edit the photo, by changing color, adding text, rotating the photo, change the brightness, the contrast, among others, to do that just tap on the “Edit” tab located at the bottom right corner

Edit tab

9. Once you have done editing and adding filters to the photo, click on the “Next” button, located at the top right corner


10. Add the text you want to be with the photo and to add a hashtag just type “#” followed by the text or emoticon you want, when you are writing the hashtag you will see multiple options of hashtags that other users have used and on the right you will see in how many posts that hashtag have been used, choose the one you prefer or continue writing yours.


11. When you are done tap on the “share” option, located at the upper right corner