How do I make my Instagram Account a Private Account

How do I make my Instagram Account a Private Account

When you create and Instagram account, the account is public by default, so anyone can view your profile, posts on Instagram and insta messages. However, you can configure your account as private so that only the followers you approve to follow you can see the post that you publish. If your account is set to private, you’re the followers that you have approved will be the only ones who can view the post on the “Photos” tab of the “Search & Browse” section, and the hashtags or location pages.

You will need to take into account that the privacy of your account only works for post on Instagram but the private post that you make on Instagram and share on other social networks may be visible to anyone depending on the privacy settings that you have on those networks. For example, if you make a post that you want to share on twitter but that publication was set up as private on Instagram, but on twitter your account is public that post can be seen by anyone who can see your posts on Twitter.

Once your account is set private, Instagram users will have to send you a follow request to start following you if they want to see all your video or photo posts, the photos where you have been tagged, insta messages, who is following you or who you follow.

Instagram users who configure their account as private can add hashtags to photos and videos, but, only those people and the followers that they have approved, or the users to whom they send the photos or videos to using Instagram Direct, will be able to see the post on the hashtag page related to that hashtag. So that means that the private photos or videos that you publish, even if they include hashtags, are not visible to the public.

Unfortunately you can not configure your account as private from a computer, so to make your Instagram account private, just follow the next steps:

1. Type your username and password on the fields

Type your username

2. Once you filled the fields with your account information tap on the “Log In” button

Log In

3. Once you have opened your Instagram account and go to your profile, by tapping on you profile picture tab located at the bottom right corner

at the bottom right corner

4. Once you are on your profile, go to the options section located at top right corner and tap on it

right corner

5. Once you enter to options, go to the account section and tap on the “Private account” button, if it turns blue it means your account has become private

Private account