How do I Delete Photos on Instagram

How do I Delete Photos on Instagram

To delete photos on Instagram you will need to go one by one, unfortunately you can not delete 2 or more photos at once on Instagram, and also you will need to do it from the Instagram app since is not possible to delete photos from the web.

So if you want to delete a photo you posted on Instagram is easy, just follow the next steps

1. Go to the Instagram app and open it, then type your username and password on the fields

Type your username

2. Once you filled the fields with your account information go to the “Log In” button and tap on it

Log In

3. Once you have opened your Instagram account and go to your profile, by tapping on you profile picture tab located at the bottom right corner.

at the bottom right corner

4. On your profile you will see all the photos that you have posted, go to the photo that you want to delete and tap on it

Go to the photo

5. Once you are on the photo that you want to delete, go to the “More” option, which is located at the top right of the photo and tap on it


6. Once you tap on the more option, a list of multiple options will appear, go to the “Delete” option and tap on it


7. A confirmation window will appear asking you if you want to delete the photo, go to “Delete” and tap on it to delete the photo

delete the photo