How do I Delete Comments on Instagram

How do I Delete Comments on Instagram

You can delete your comments or the comments that other people left in your own posts. In other people’s posts, you can only delete comments that you left.

To delete a comment, just follow the next steps:

1. Type your username and password on the fields


2. Once you filled the fields with your account information tap on the “Log In” button

Log In

3. Go to the photo where the comment is located and tap on it

Go to the photo

4. Once you are on the photo, go to the “Comment” option located at the bottom of the photo, in the middle and tap on it.

tap on it

5. Tap on the comment you want to delete and swipe to the left

swipe to the left

6. A list of options will appear, tap on the “Delete” option

delete icon

7. The comment is now deleted