How Do I Approve Follower Requests on Instagram

How Do I Approve Follower Requests on Instagram

You can set your account as a private one if you want that anyone who wants to see your photos, videos or insta messages to send you a request to follow you first, and like that you will be able to approve or deny the people who can see your Instagram account content.

So when your Instagram account is set as a private one, anyone that tries to see your videos, photos or insta messages will not be able to do so, and if they try to follow you, the will not be able to do it right away.

So to start following a private account you will have to follow a few steps: The first step is to send a follow request to the account you want to start following. The second step is to wait for that Instagram account to approve or deny your request, the private account will receive a follow request notifying him that someone wants to start following him. The third step is for the requested Instagram account owner to go to that request and approve or deny the follow request, to do that is simple and fast.

If you want to approve a request to follow you, you can do it by following the next steps:

1. Go to Instagram and type your username and password on each field

Type your username

2. Once you filled the fields with your account information tap on the “Log In” button located under the “Password” option

Log In

3. Once you have opened your account, go to the activity tab located at the bottom right next to your profile tab and tap on it

tap on it

4. At the top of the follow window you can see the number of request to follow you that is pending for approval, tap on the follow requests.

pending for approval

5. The “Follow Requests” window will appear, here you will see all the accounts that requested to follow you, tap on the tick to approve it or in the x to deny it.


Once you tap on the tick, that account automatically started to follow you Instagram profile and can now see all your photos, videos and insta messages.