Learn Instagram

Instagram Tutorial

Instagram is a free, fun and original way to share your pictures and short videos to your friends and followers in general. Just take a photo with your mobile phone, then you can edit it by choosing a filter to transform the image to make it look as you want to remember it. Instagram allows you to see the important moments in the people you are following life, whether it is with pictures, insta videos or the new Live feature.

Imagine the online and largest photo album in the world and you can share your photos on a photo - by-photo basis on Instagram and share it also in Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter, just selecting them when you are going to post the photo. In addition to that, you can add caption, Hashtags, emoticons and if you choose to specify the location where you took that photo, you can select to check you in on Foursquare.

If you like a photo and want to share it with a friend in another social media you can always copy the photo URL and paste it where you want to share it.

As Instagram is like a digital photo album, all the photos that you take with Instagram will be saved to your camera roll and like you can connect your phone with your computer and like that print allthe pictures you want to print.

But Instagram not only allows to share photos, you can also share a video or record a video on Instagram and share it with your followers, where you can also add caption and Hashtag to allow share your video with the rest of the Instagram community.

If you want to make your Instagram account a business account you can do it by just clicking “Change to business account”, and start checking statistics and promoting your Instagram profile or using badges to link your website, blog or any page of yours to your Instagram profile.

On Instagram you do not add people, you follow it; this means if you decided to have your account public, anyone can subscribe to follow your photos. Nevertheless, Instagram has a special option for you to privatize your account. If you decide to use this mode, the owner of the account can make sure he must approve all the requests to follow him before they go through.