In HTML document we can use various styles for our text for example we can write in boldface, italic etc. We can also change the background color of our HTML document.

Background Color

There is an attribute called BACKGROUND attribute to the BODY element that indicates image files that can be used as the tile of the browser as a display window. The general form of using the BACKGROUND attribute is as follows:

<BODY BACKGROUND = “URL of the image file”>

The value that has assigned to the BACKGROUND attribute is the URL or the link of the image that will be used as the background. The browser will load this image file and use it as the tile or the BACKGROUND of the image.

This will look more attractive but it should be noted here that every monitor do not have a good graphics. Background can also create confusion when its color is same as that of the text.

Character Highlighting

HTML has many physical highlighting elements; these include B to boldface the text, I is used to make the text italic, and U is used to underline the selected text.