HTML Editors

HTML Editors

As described above a simple HTML document can be prepared using a simple text editor like notepad editor on windows computer.

For Macintosh we use TeachText editor to write HTML document but it has some limits that we can write files of less than 20,000 characters.

For Macintosh there is a software freeware that is used to write the HTML document. For UNIX machines, various editors comes having different qualities like editor vi, there are also more sophisticated editors made for the UNIX machines that includes emacs or epoch.

You do not need any special or fancy editor to write your HTML document on Windows PC. There is also another editor for Windows like HotDog. It has become the most popular editor in the previous years. We have already demonstrated that an HTML document only contains simple characters that can be printed.

Writing HTML documents we only need ASCII characters or the standard characters. There are many more editors of HTML document for windows. For example:

  • HTML Assistant
  • HTML Author
  • HTML Converter
  • HTML Handler
  • Hypertext Master etc.

A plain text editor can also be use to write a simple HTML document. If you are using a windows PC, you can also use DOS.

Let us see a simple note pad working as an HTML document, consider the following example:


To make this document an HTML document we simply save it by using the .html extension using the following method:

Click on File as:


A dialog box will appear, save the document using the file extension .html, also change the encoding settings to Unicode from ANSI.

You will see this icon after saving your document:


Now open the document: