What is IMAP SSL?

As we saw with HTTPS, SSL provides an extra layer of security to your interactions over a network. This is important because without a secure network, people can steal your information and use it as their own. The sad thing is, there are many people who try to take the sensitive information of others–bank card numbers, social security numbers, etc.–so that they can steal the identities or the bank accounts of others.

This new-age type of thief can wreak havoc on your life and could make going online a risk too big to take. In order to combat this and make the Internet a safe place, SSL was made. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, gives the protection you need against those who would wish to do you ill on the Internet.

As seen, SSL gives an extra layer of protection to HTTP, helping to make sure that the data you send across networks is secure. This is done through encryption and identification. These powerful features of SSL give it the unique capability to help safeguard your online experience.

This SSL layer can be applied to more than just HTTP, however, and is even found with IMAP. IMAP SSL, as it is known, is a more secure way of retrieving your email from an email server.

Now, let’s recall what IMAP does. Unlike POP3 which requires you to be on the local client in which you downloaded your emails, IMAP gives you the ability to access email servers to see emails that are stored there. While this can be very convenient, it also offers the door to more security breaches, as people are able to access your emails from just about any device. In order to make this more difficult and to keep your emails safe, IMAP SSL uses SSL technology.

Having SSL with IMAP encrypts the information that is being sent across the network, making it illegible to those who are trying to take the information from you. By using IMAP SSL, you are ensuring that the only people who are able to read the information that is being sent are the people by whom it was intended to be seen.

Therefore, IMAP SSL is safer than regular IMAP and should be considered if one is sending or receiving classified or important email. Using SSL provides that extra layer of protection to help prevent hacks and other security breaches, ultimately keeping you and your loved ones safe.