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Introduction to Computer Networks

Currently, the entire world situation is evolving. Data Communication and Network are changing the process of the business enterprise as well as other day-to-day event functions. Right now, they make use of computing device networks and also internetwork. Several gadgets usually mentioned as nodes attached by media link is known as a Network.

A node could be a hardware this is efficient at transferring and or receiving information produced by another node on the network like a computer, printer, and many other devices, etc. These kinds of links connecting the devices are referred to as Communication channels.

A computer network is a communication technology medium through which one can easily share various type of information. It can also be referred to as data network. The perfect example of computer system network is Internet.

A Computer Network enables interpersonal communications; such as allowing users to get connected conveniently and more efficiently through the various medium: electronic mail, instant SMS, online chatting rooms, mobile phone, video telephone calls, as well as video conferencing. Offering access to info on shared storage devices is an essential attribute of several networks.

A Network makes it possible for the exchange of files, data as well as kinds of info allowing authorized users the ability to gain access to information on various other computers on the network. A Network permits sharing of network and also computing resources.

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OSI Layer Model

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