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The Linux CentOS has undergone a series of upgrades from the previous versions. Linux and Cloud technologies have been efficient in offering the best professional series. The According to the date of releases, it shows that it takes a longer time for the new versions to be made available to the users. It has been upgraded from the CentOS 5.X to CentOS 6.X and finally the CentOS 7.x which has unique features.

The CentOS 7.x is known to be the first version to have the 64bit. There are substantial upgrades that have been performed on the newer version which shows a major improvement in the CentOS series. Efforts have been made to improve the desktop appearance the fact that it is also an enterprise distribution.

CentOS Linux distribution stems from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is known for its unique attributes. CentOS 7 release is among the recent versions of the software which delivers an exceptional performance. It has an upgraded desktop environment from the previous versions.  CentOS 7 is known to have several packages such as Python-netifaces, pidgin, Qt5 and Python-gssapi among others.

The default desktop appearance has always been the Gnome 2.2 in the CentOS 6.x. Other desktops would utilize the KDE versions which gave a hard time because of the efforts needed in coming up with the releases. 3D effects were some of the other challenges in the CentOS 6.x desktop environment.

 It made it difficult to perform a variety of tasks and would need a compilation of the appropriate library dependencies. These were some of the manual procedures that made the version to be inconvenient in performing a variety of tasks.

The previous version had its downsides the fact that most of the plugins were not operational. The introduction of CentOS 7 made the operations easier, with a Gnome 3 Shell desktop domain. It is entirely different from CentOS 6 version which had difficulties in combining the ATI and NVidia Video drivers. The introduction of Linux CentOS has been essential in providing its users with an exciting experience of the desktop platform. It has improvements with the 3D effects, unlike the CentOS 6 versions. The introduction of CentOS 7 has taken a major form of the modern system having undergone years of an upgrade.

It supports the 7th generation Intel processors such as Core i3, i5, and i7. Samba, squid, Binutils, firewalid, open-vm-tools and many others are among the rebased packages which come with the new version. There are also a variety of images that can be used to install the CentOS. Your platform of installation is what determines the image you need to download. All the users of CentOS software can always raise issues with the CentOS community.

 They are always ready to receive queries and can help you solve challenging problems with the newer versions of the software. The introduction of Linux CentOS versions has led to a series of improvements from the previous versions. CentOS 7 versions tend to be the modest with unique features compared to the previous ones. The 3D effects on the desktop platform give it a unique appearance and deliver a new experience to its users.