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C Language Tutorial

C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories in 1973. C programming language has become one of the most popular programming languages today. In the past, it was mainly used for writing system programs such as operating system, compilers, assemblers and utility programs. Today, it is preferred by many programmers for writing all types of application programs as well such as word processing programs, database management systems, game, etc.

C programming language is highly structured programming language. It provides the convenience of a high level language and at the same time allows much closer control of a computer’s hardware and peripherals, as assembly language does.

The C programming language is popular because of its simple structure and machine independence. The code written in C programming language can be run on any computer and hence it is machine independent (does not depend upon machine). The C programming language is associated with UNIX because it was developed with UNIX operating system.

C programming language is sometimes called a mid-level language since it combines some features of low-level language and some of high level language. Therefore, it has advantages of both. It is low level in the sense that it can manipulate bits and words more like the computer and high level in the sense that its program structure is very similar to high level languages such as Pascal and Ada.

C programming language is an efficient programming language. C is a machine independent language it means that the programs written in C can be executed on different types of computers. C is a case sensitive language.

C provides the facility of modular programming. It means that the program can be divided into small modules.

The C standard library contains functions, data types, variables, etc. it also supports manipulation of data structure. The standard library is defined by header files. For example for input/output.


History of C language:

The C programming language is considered as a general purpose programming language and is associated with UNIX operating system. C was originally developed for the UNIX operating system. The basic idea of C programming language was taken from BCPL programming language which was developed by Martin Richards.

C programming language involves three different programming languages that are ALGOL, BCPL and B language. The concepts like data types, structures and pointers were introduced in C by using these three programming languages. C programming language was formalized by the ANSI that is American National Standard Institute in 1988. C programming language was further approved by ISO that is International Standard Organization.