Windows Store in Windows 10

You can open windows store by going to the taskbar at the bottom of the Desktop screen then click on it using left mouse button

Or you can open it from the start menu, open menu and start, search for store like demonstrated in the snapshot


Windows store offer a wide variety of applications, games and a lot of interesting stuff, you will see items for free, and there is content you must pay to get.

If you are an Android user, you will be familiar with this store; it looks like Google app store, where you can download apps and games.

When you first start Windows Store, you will find it divided into 3 sections

Home, Apps, Games

Section Home: it contains top apps, top games, and promotions.

Section Apps: it contain top free and paid apps. There is a wide variety of applications you can download and help you in your daily life.

Section Games: it contains top free and paid Games. There is a wide variety of Games you can download and energize your day with Fun smile

Also for ease of access you can search for specific application or games through it.


For search, go to the box and write words to search, then click the “Enter Key”

In this example I search for a game called ”Quantum Break” I found it and its price is 428 EGP, so I can buy it by clicking on the money button.

quantum-breakAlso if you scroll down, you can see the system requirement to run a game before buying it so you can check if your device can run it.


Now we will start to install a free application

As example, go to search and write “Network speed test”

Then you will see a button call “Install,” Windows will ask you for a Microsoft account.

Just enter your e-mail and your password, then Windows will ask for PC password (if you already set one), after entering these infos, the program will start installing automatically.


On finishing, you will see “Open” button on screen, through it, you can run the App