Windows Accessories in Windows 10


In this tutorial we will discuss the Windows accessories, starting from how to access windows accessories, which a little bit different the items under Windows 10 settings.

Accessing accessories: click the start menu then choose all apps, then navigate alphabetically to Windows Accessories as shown in the picture.


Windows accessories have the following programs inside it:

1- Character Map: list of all possible special characters with different font styles to assist you in typing. For example mathematical formulas, smiles and emojis you will not find on your keyboard.


2- Internet Explorer: the well-known Microsoft built in web browser used to surf the internet, which is replaced now by Microsoft Edge.


3- Mathematical input panel: a new feature with Windows 10 that allows you to manually input mathematical formula using free handwriting, instead of spending time searching for symbols in character map.


4- Notepad: the world’s most famous text editor comes in a very handy interface when it comes to text editing.


5- Paint: the well-known Microsoft Paint, a simple editor for pictures.


6- Remote Desktop connection: this is a genuine feature of Microsoft Windows. If you want to have remote access to a machine if its accessible on LAN or the internet via VPN connection, you will just write ip of other PC and will connect to it if other party already allowing connection


7- Snipping tool: this tool came with Windows 7, and it’s continuing with window 8 and 10. This tool enables you to take a customizable snapshot of part of your desktop, edit it and save it in different formats.

8- Steps recorder: a genuine feature with windows that help users send problems they face to their system admins, it records your problems and saves as a picture in order to help system admins solve problems.


9- Sticky Note: sticky still continuing with Windows 10, a tool that software note desktop to help you remember stuff by typing it.


10- Windows fax and scan: helps you manage your fax /scanner devices