Universal Windows Apps in Windows 10

Universal Windows Apps in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will go through a tutorial which is very important for developer especially on Windows 10 operation system; we will discuss Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

A Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app is a Windows experience that is built upon the Universal Windows Platform. UWP was first applied in Windows 8. The idea that users want their experience moved to be mobile and pass across ALL their mobile devices and they want to use whatever device is most convenient or productive for the task at hand.

Windows 10 help developers to create applications with one pack of Software development kit SDK.

This package contains all compatible Windows 10 devices like PC, tablet, phone, etc. it supports now multiple screen sizes, and a variety of interaction methods, like touch, mouse & keyboard, a game controller, or a pen.


What are UWP applications?

Here are some of the characteristics that make UWP apps on Windows 10 special.

• UWP target device families, not an operating system.
A device family determines the set of devices on which your app can be installed from the store.

• Apps are packaged and distributed using the AppX packaging format.
Apps are distributed in the form of AppX package. This provides a trustworthy installation mechanism and ensures that your apps can be updated easily.

• There’s one store for all devices.
If you are a developer and created an application, you can upload it to store; you can publish it for specific users or all users

• There’s a common API surface across device families.
If your created applications use the core APIs, it will run on any Windows 10 device.

• Adaptive Controls and input
The user interface uses responsive design for UWP applications. Opened applications will adapt their size and environment according to the type and screen of size running on, so it can work on any device. Applications also use multiple input and interaction devices like keyboard, mouse, touch, pen, and Xbox One controllers, also SDK contain new layout panels, and tools help you adapt your application to the desired device