Time & Language in Windows 10


We can find Time and language under general settings in Windows 10 or type it directly in the start menu for quick access.


1- Time and date Tab: here you can do settings for the timing on your machine by manually setting time and date or by activating “set time automatically”. Also, you can set your time zone automatically, the previous features require internet access in order to be correctly functioning, as it will connect to Microsoft servers to get the correct time and date.


Also, you can change the format in which the date and time appear, by clicking on “Change date and time formats.”


Also if you need multiple clocks for multiple time zones you can use this option:

“Add clocks for different time zones”, you can view them by clicking on or hovering over the taskbar clock.


2- Region and language: here you can set you language/s, set your country, add languages by simply clicking “add language” Doing so will open a window with all possible international languages packages. Changing the location settings will affect your currency, numbers … etc.


3- Speech Tab:

-Speech language: here you can choose the language to use when speaking to your device, also alter the text to speech settings. As we can see in the picture, it is set to English (United States)

-there is an option called “recognize non-native accents for this language”, and it helps PC to prepare itself to listen to different accents of English like British English, American English, and also help it in interpreting this voice to text

-Text-to-speech option

By default PC voice is set to use “Microsoft Zira Mobile” voice, you can control narration voice speed by moving the scroll bar right or left


This contains your microphone settings, press Get started button and a wizard will guide you through the process of configuring your microphone. It will test if PC can hear and recognize your voice