The Windows 10 Taskbar

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Windows 10 Taskbar

Windows 10 taskbar is located at the bottom of the home screen, marked with a red box. 


At the left, we have a search box to search the web or search for files inside windows. Also, there is another option to search using windows assistance Cortana where you can type a question or use the microphone to ask Cortana question

You can run Cortana by clicking on the search box, and then clicking on the circle icon at the left.


Cortana will be discussed in detail in the next tutorial.

Next, we have the Task View task-view icon that allows you to view all opened applications on one screen so you can get a general overview of what is running.


When you click on task view icon, the screen will look like this


Also, you can run Task View by keyboard shortcut (Windows Symbol + TAB)

The next icon on the bar is the Microsoft Edge icon – this opens up Microsoft’s Internet browser which replaced old Internet Explorer.

Next, there is Google Chrome Application I installed

Next, there is an icon for the Windows Store. Through it, you can buy new applications and games.

Next, there is an icon for File Explorer which allows you to explore your files on your hard drive.

All these applications were pinned to the taskbar. When you open a new program, you will see it near these pinned icons, like Microsoft Word running now.

Taskbar has additional Options when you use right mouse button on a free area.


1- Toolbars: have variety of additional options: Address, Links, Desktop or New toolbar

2- Search: have multiple Options to hide or show search icon, or show search box


3- windows view/arrangement options


Cascade view: show all opened windows arranged in front of each other


Show windows stacked: show all opened windows on the same screen


Show windows side by side: similar to stacked


Show the desktop: it hides all windows and show Desktop

4- Lock the taskbar Option

If your taskbar is not locked, you can resize it easily. You can see/pin more icons to it

You can resize it by going near the edge on the taskbar, you will see mouse cursor turn to be two-headed arrow, then drag it up or down as you desire


If you lock your taskbar, you can’t do this resize option

At the right of the screen, you will see notification area that contains date / time, active language.

You can also raise your sound volume by clicking on the sound icon and moving the sound level up/down

You will get details on the next tutorials, don’t get rushing