Privacy Settings in Windows 10


In this tutorial, we will discuss privacy feature in Windows 10


First of all, we can get the privacy settings either by searching the start menu for quick access, or we can navigate to Windows 10 settings and go to Privacy> General

Let’s look at what each element of the privacy settings is and what it really does?


At the upper left corner, we will find privacy options which contain buttons that can be enabled or disable by using the on/off button.

At the general tab, the Privacy option has the following features:

  • Allow applications to use my id. Advertising: This helps Microsoft to offer you more Personalized ads in applications that support them. You can disable it without affecting your user experience.
  • Send information to Microsoft about how to write: This function allows you to improve auto-suggestions. It is supposed to be for what we write on the keyboard, or with the manual writing on touchscreens.
  • Turn on SmartScreen filter to check web content
  • Let websites offering relevant local content: If you speak another language other than English, this feature could be useful.

You can disable all these settings and not notice any striking difference.

  • Location: allow each person who signs into the device to change their own location settings
  • Camera: Define which app has access to the camera
  • Microphone: Define which app has access to the microphone
  • Speech linking and typing: Windows and Cortana can get to know your voice and writing to make better suggestion for you
  • Account info: allowing applications to access my name, my picture and other account information
  • Contact allow which application has access to my contactscalendar
  • Calendar: Choose which application that has access to calendar
  • All history: choose which application that has access to call history
  • Messaging: what application read or send messages text and MMS
  • Radio some applications use radio like Bluetooth on your device to send and receive data, sometimes apps need to turn these radios on and off to work