Power Settings in Windows 10


In this tutorial, we will discuss the power management options in Microsoft Windows 10.

How to open power options?

Open the start menu then type “power options” in the search box.


You will find window like this


Through this window, you can choose or customize power plan.

A power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings (like display brightness, sleep, etc.) that manages how your computer uses power.

There are two power plans you can choose between:

1- Balanced (recommended)
Automatically balances performance with energy consumption on capable hardware

2- High performance

Favor performance, but may use more energy.

There are additional plans you can choose through clicking on “Show additional plans.”

You will see this screen:


3- Power saver

Saves energy by reducing your computer’s performance where possible

Also at the bottom of the screen, you can see an option called “screen brightness” through it you can control the light intensity of your screen and save consumed power.

Note that these power options are more useful for devices like laptop and tablets.

For most users, these power options are not effective, and some have not heard about them, so they leave their setting to default, but if you face a situation where you need to extend you battery life, go to these windows and find, tune this options in a way that help you.

In situation like this, you may choose power saver profile option

To the left of the screen, you will find another tools and options

A-require password on wake up


On section password protection on wakeup, you will have two options to choose between.

1- Require a password (recommended)

When your computer wakes from sleep, no one can access your data without entering the correct password to unlock the computer.

Under this option, you will see a fast link to set a password for your account if you didn’t set one, link called “create or change your user account password.”

2- Don’t require a password

When your computer wakes from sleep, anyone can access your data because the computer isn’t locked

Another setting:

B-On the left side, there is option called “choose what the power buttons do.”

As we see in picture, these options for power and sleep buttons and lid settings

You will see a table like setting to determine actions will be done by pressing power button, sleep button, and close the lid

Actions have 2 conditions whether you are using battery or using normal power source


We will explain power plans in details in the next tutorial.