Power Plans in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will walk through the three power plans available for computers in the Windows 10.

Since windows vista, 7 released there is no real change happen, it still has the same interface with the same setting but for sure better performance.

Microsoft designed Windows 10 on the basis of using it on mobile devices like laptops and tablets. It is designed to extend your battery life, by optimizing system and applications performance to be efficient and consume less Hardware ability, so that it consume less power.

Microsoft offers three power plans on Windows 10 to choose between. Each one offers different performance and different power consumption efficiency. Also, power plans depend on the condition whether you are plugged to normal electricity or using the battery.

You can open power options by going to the start menu and write in the search box “power options” and open search result.



Three power plans


Is the default setting in Windows 10, it is the most suitable plan for most users as it feels no degradation on the performance of the system. When we connect a computer to direct power source, windows will maximize the performance of hardware. When you switch to the battery, it will decrease the performance to decrease power consumption and save battery charge.

As example, you are playing a game, and you are using direct power source, your graphic card work with its maximum performance using 100% of its power limit, so processing will be fast, fans will spins fast. If electricity went out and PC switched to battery you will find that the PC automatically decrease performance of game, and you will find the fan speed decreased to save power.

Power Saver:

It is clear that this plan reduces power usage even when the computer is plugged in whether to direct power or battery. It saves energy by reducing computer performance where possible.

High Performance:

It increase the performance of PC while running on direct power source or battery, you will see no difference when switching between power sources, you will figure out that battery gets drained faster on this power plan.

Which power plan is suitable for your usage?

Balanced mode is best for everyday usage. When you need to keep your battery charge for a longer time, it will be a good idea to choose Power Saver mode.

You can change setting of each power plan by click on “change plan setting” for each power plan


Then you will see a screen like this.


Through this screen, you can edit option of power plan

When you are connected to battery: when to turn off display, when to put computer into sleep mode, also you can adjust screen brightness

Same options you can edit when you plugged in.