Notifications Features in Windows 10

Notifications Features in Windows 10

We will discuss a new feature in Windows 10 which is Notifications.

How to open notifications in Windows 10?

As you can see in this picture we go to the bottom of the desktop screen, on taskbar, we will use the left mouse button on this icon and notifications will appear.


What can we do with notifications in Windows 10?

As you can see in this picture it can show you latest received emails on your mail inbox and security updates notifications. Also it shows notifications if system faces problem. Your RAM may become utilized, so Windows will tell you that memory is full so kindly close some programs to free up space. You may face driver failure issue, so Notification will tell you about the problem and how to fix it.

Note: Notifications on previous Windows versions was coming out like pop-up balloons on the taskbar.


And it includes some shortcuts as you can see in the picture.

 Let’s go through manage and edit the notifications

How do you enable or disable notification?

Click on the notification icon > All Settings > System > Notification & actions


From here you can enable and disable the notification by switching off the notification options and changing the quick actions which appears on notifications.

Action center not just include notifications. You can see, there is a quick action which can help you to save your time and will be discussed in later tutorials.

If you want to disable the notifications from the specific app, scroll down and turn it off.


How to change the quick actions:

Click on any action and choose what you want to appear at notifications. 



Changing the colors of action center:

First, you need to click on the Action Center > All Settings > Personalization


After that click on colors on the left side and choose the color you want, if nothing changes, it means the color change option is disabled on action center.


How to enable color change option on action center?

Scroll down and turn on show color on start, taskbar, action center, and title bar option.


Unfortunately, when you change the colors, it affects all colors of windows theme not only the action center colors.