Microsoft Account in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will check Options, settings and benefits of a Microsoft account.

Microsoft account Feature was introduced firstly on Windows 8, the best description for this type of account is a global roaming user account wherever you move you can log in using this account. Your Microsoft account will be stored my Microsoft cloud services servers

The main benefit of saving your Microsoft account / profile information on the Internet is that it is accessibility from any other devices like computers, tablets and all devices running Windows 10.

Storing your account profile on the internet means that your files, settings, configuration, will be centralized, and will be available on any PC you want to work on it, you just need internet connection to download these account to your PC

Microsoft account provide you with good experience, you will not feel difference when you move from one PC to another even if hardware and PC specifications are changed

For example, you rearranged your start menu in a specific manner, games in a specific group and apps in a specific group, once you log another device like a tablet with same Microsoft account, this change will be reflected in your start menu in the tablet.

That is if you need to synchronize your profile settings between different devices.

You can open accounts menu through opening start menu, search for account, and click on first search result


As we can see on screen, there is an option called “sign in with a Microsoft account instead” click on it


Then you will see step by step wizard to login with Microsoft account


If you don’t have an account you can create a new one, there will be wizard to help you in creating one.

Once a Microsoft account is created, you can log in and keep using that.

If you want to return back to your local account for any reason, then it is possible. You can switch back to the local account option from this screen above, and all your data, and settings will stop synced with Microsoft account and only be saved on that PC.