Lock Screen Personalization in Windows 10

Lock Screen Personalization in Windows 10


The personalization settings can be found directly under Windows 10 settings, or by typing it in the start menu for quick access.


1- The background tab: here we can customize our desktop look by choosing a background, theme styles, and pictures. Click on background and choose from the pull down menu the options of picture, solid color, slideshow, or if you want a to use a picture from your hard drive simply click browse button and a pop-up window will open an explorer to define picture location, after that you can setup the filling of background picture by choosing fit, stretch, tile, center, and span.


2- Colors tab: here you can choose the colors of the start menu, taskbar, action center and title bar as shown in the below picture. You have to choose from the wide range of colors, and it will be reflected in the preview instantly. Windows 10 comes with transparent taskbar and start menu in Aero like feature in Windows 7, and you can disable that by clicking the on/off button.


3- Lock screen: the same above customization is applied to the lock screen that appears when Windows start up or when you press Windows button + L in the keyboard. You can change the background picture by choosing Windows spotlight, picture or slideshow options. Also, you can add more customization to lock screen by optionally adding calendar, alarm, and clock, messaging or mail, all of these options will reflect on the preview panel.


4- Themes Tab: here you can change your themes simply by clicking on the themes settings link, a pop window, similar to Windows 7 theme changing button will show, click on the desired theme, and it will be applied directly to your desktop.


5- Start tab: shows options to customize the start menu