Local Account in Windows 10

In this tutorial we will discuss local user account, and how to configure it.

What does Local account mean? A local account is a type of account that is only stored and available from your own personal PC.

Local accounts are stored in this path C:\Users as shown in screen

Your local folder contains your desktop files, document, downloads, etc.

In case of you need to take a backup of your files you can copy folders contained in this path


Any new local account created has a set of folders created on it and setting files, settings you configure for applications, desktop, taskbar, Start Menu, backgrounds, Internet Explore favorite pages and other configurations are applied and like desktop background, theme colors, etc.

A local account is suitable for a situation where you use only one PC. But if you use different Windows 10 PCs at work or home or tablets, or Windows 10 for Phones, then you will have to create separate profiles on each device, and each account will be different from other i.e. Change in one account will not reflect on other accounts.

As we see in picture details of your account

Name: Fares

Account type: Local Account

Privilege level: Administrator

In order to be the account with the highest privilege, your account type must be administrator which has full control to allow / deny other users from taking certain actions like mentioned before.


And also your account can be local (which means it’s local to the machine) or it can be an administrator account in a domain environment, in this case, your account have a full privilege to any machine under this domain.

There is an option called “Sign in with Microsoft account instead” which is better as Windows will sync your setting and files automatically to your mail account, like important documents and Calendar

You can set your profile picture by click on Browse button


Also, you can set your picture by using webcam and clicking on the camera button

Another Option is Email, Calendar and contacts.

You can and contacts to your PC directory by clicking on add an account and windows will directly sync contacts and calendar on your mail to your PC directory