Keyboard in Windows 10

You can run Windows 10 Virtual Keyboard by going to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and using right mouse button, click on it, you will see menu then choose “show touch keyboard button,” you will see the icon of keyboard appeared on the taskbar next to Time & Date.


Then you can open it by double clicking on the keyboard icon on the taskbar, you will get this screen.


Note: There is a similar application to “touch keyboard button” called “on-screen Keyboard,” you can open it by opening the start menu and in the search box, write “on-screen Keyboard.”



Through on screen Keyboard, you can do usual shortcuts like “CTRL+ALT+Del.

When do we need to use Virtual Keyboard?

You may face a situation where you keyboard got damaged because of drink spilled on it, so Touch Keyboard will save you.

You can change the language by clicking on the ENG button then choose your preferred language.


When you click on the ENG button you will see multiple options:

First one to the left is the normal layout for keyboard


The second option can split the keyboard into two half as demonstrated in the snapshot, it may enhance the view of the screen.


The third option is that you can write words using mouse and windows will recognize your handwriting and convert it into words.


You can open special characters keyboard by clicking on &123 buttons


Also, Touch keyboard offer a great variety of emojis and smiley faces you can use to express yourself while chatting.


Also, another benefit of Touch Keyboard is for security, if you suspect that there is Trojan on your PC collect your keystrokes, you can deceive it and use Touch keyboard and enter your data without even this Trojan feel.

During using keyboards, Windows 10 will make suggestions to the words you are typing, you will see suggestions at the top of the keyboard when you select one, just choose it, and it will be added.

Note: When using emoji on sites like Twitter or Facebook using the touch keyboard, you may see a black and white emoji on the screen, after posting emojis you will see it fixed. So don’t worry.