Install Windows Updates in Windows 10

Install Windows Updates in Windows 10

In this tutorial we will go through how to check and install windows updates.

Updates is pack or set of files Microsoft found error in that cause instability to system or other programs , so they release new files to replace the old ones, and fix the problems.

Microsoft releases different types of updates on a regular basis.

You can open windows update settings by going to the start menu, and on search box write “windows update setting” then choose search result.


You will see a screen like this.


As you can see in the screen, it show you that your device is up to date, that mean all updates are installed, also it write date of last checking for update.

You will find a button called “check for update” used to check if there are released updates and not installed to your device, as you can see in the picture windows will start checking for updates.


After a while of searching windows found that there is new update as seen in screen


You can get more information about this update by clicking on Details link.

To download this update, click on Download button.


You will see download bar counting in %


Then windows prepare for installation, after finishing you will see that last update time is be identical with your date.

Updates Types:

Security updates, Microsoft usually found security gaps that may cause harm to your pc, so they release security updates to fix these gaps.

Critical updates as said at first when Microsoft found file system error that cause system or another program instability, they replace this file with new revision version.

Windows Defender definitions, it is an antivirus that come built in with Windows 10, it has regular basis updates and definitions.

Service packs contain large pack of update; it contains security updates, critical updates and windows defender updates.


You can view more setting of updates by clicking “Advance Options” link

You will see screen like this.


Through this window, you can choose how updates are installed? you have two options.

1- Notify to schedule restart

You will be asked to schedule a restart to finish installing updates. Updates won’t download over a metered

connection (where charges may apply)

2- Automatic (recommended)

Keep everything running smoothly, windows will restart your device automatically when you’re not using it .updates won’t download over a metered connection (where charges may apply)

Another option “give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update windows.” If you have another products from Microsoft, windows update will contain updates for these product.

Another Option “Defer Upgrades” will download updates but will not install it and postpone them for while.

Another Option: “view your Update history” to see history of installed updates