How to Rename PC in Windows 10


In this topic, we will go through how we can rename PC in Windows 10.

When will computer name be useful? If you are connected to a network containing multiple computers, you need a name to distinguish yourself from others. You can access PC using its name or use its IP address.

For example, we are in a company containing multiple departments like Engineering, Commerce, facilities, and Enterprise, we can name each computer, so it be clear related to its department.

During installation of Windows 10, the installation wizard will put a random name on your computer that you can change later.

How to know your computer name?

Through opening command line program by going to the start menu and search for CMD in the search box, after screen come up write this command (ipconfig /all), then you will see Hostname: DESKTOP-4VT8JGL


Naming PC rules:

Ensure that names are unique; 2 computers can’t take the same name

Ensure each computer name characters are no more than 15 characters.

Ensure no computer name contains spaces.

Avoid special characters in computer names. Do not use any of these characters when naming Windows computers: / \ *,. ” @

Avoid using lower-case letters in a computer name whenever possible. On Windows Vista, the case of letters (upper or lower) is ignored.

To change PC name, you must be logged in using account has administrator privilege. Steps to changing computer name:

1- Open start menu, then choose setting button, then choose system

2- Click on About button on the left side, and you will find Rename PC on the right side.

3- You will see space to write the new name and then click Next.

4- After restarting your PC change will take effect.


Another way to change computer name:

1- open windows explorer

2- click on system properties


3- click on change setting button


4- click on change button

Then you can change name, note a restart is required to take effect